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I took my first breath on July 18, 1987 in San Angelo, Texas. My parents, Brian and Carol, were still young (20), part of the United States Air Force, and had been married less than a year when I came bursting into their lives (urinating on the doctor in the process).

We lived in San Angelo, Texas for the first two years of my life, and needless to say the memories from those days are buried under the incomprehension of toddlers. The few memories I do have (mostly because they have been told to me so many times) include riding a goat and running around in the front yard with our neighbor's boy. The clearest of all the memories from my time in Texas, however, are of Buster, our family's pet dog.

In 1989 my parents moved us to Pennsylvania. Two generations on both sides of the family (with very few exceptions) lived in the state, so it was an obvious choice of a place to live. I have no complaints about my childhood beyond the usual annoyances, but I also have no clearly amazing memories from this time either. The one major event during this time was the introduction into my life's story of my closest and longest-known friend, Ben, whom I met shortly after moving to Pennsylvania, and who I still know and trust today.

In 1993 my sister, Christina, was born, and this relationship has gone the way most brother/sister relationships go: we loved each other, then we couldn't stand each other, then we were amicable, then we couldn't stand each other again, and now we get along great (most of the time).

I began elementary school not long after Chrissy was born, and I struggled with the social aspect of school all the way through high school. My grades were almost always average or better, and I was involved in athletics. By the time I was ten I had played soccer, basketball, and baseball. I ran cross country through middle school, as well as one year of track. I was never the best on any team, and while I found the sports enjoyable, I soon drifted away from athletics and gravitated to the arts.

Freshman year of high school found me joining the marching band's colorguard. Despite the long nights and longer weekends, this proved to be my favorite year of grade school.

In high school I was also involved in theatre, and through that and band I fell into a very tightly knit group of friends. The rest of high school went by without much changing, and in 2005 I donned the cap and gown and received my high school diploma.

I began college in August of 2005, attending Penn State Berks for Professional Writing. It wasn't long before I changed my major once, then again, and again... During this time I was getting high marks in all of my courses, making me eligible for the Honors Club. Through this club I was able to travel to Cuzco, Peru; Venice, Italy (twice); and London, UK. These trips contain some of my favorite memories (and some of my more amusing anecdotes), and I doubt that I will ever forget them.

After two years I left Penn State and took a total of three years off to work and pursue other interests. I only decided to go back to school when, in January of 2010, I was denied entrance into the USAF for a tattoo (that had supposedly been approved). By August of 2010 I was back in school, and in May of 2012 I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Professional Writing.

Currently I am a freelance writer and happily married to the love of my life, Brittanie (pictured right), with our first child due in March of 2015.

Everything you'll find on this site is a part of me. I hope that you enjoy experiencing it as much as I enjoyed creating it. The primary purpose of the site is to familiarize people with my work and offer my (affordable) freelance services. For more information on that, please click on the Freelance link at the top.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to send me an email with any comments or questions you may have!

M. S. Lewis