Version History


03-12-13 Version 5.00
The site has gone through a major appearance overhaul in an attempt to be more professional and user friendly. The Artwork section has been removed, and the menu order has switched around a bit, but other than that all of the content is the same. Keep an eye out for some possible new additions coming soon, possibly including new stories and the re-emergence of the blog!


01-20-13 Version 4.01
The site is live once more! The site now contains my portfolio and a page detailing my new freelance business. Pictures have been removed, the blog is dead, and new links have been added throughout. The site will be updated more regularly going forward as the business starts to grow.

04-16-11 Version 4.00
The site has moved addresses, and the appearance has once again gotten a major overhaul. There is still more work to be done, so expect some minor changes over the next few weeks.


10-17-10 Version 3.00
The appearance of the site has gotten a mojor overhaul. The main changes are in the menu (dropdowns have now replaced the multi-frame) and in the image galleries (no more horrible html galleries).


08-19-09 Version 2.04
Just a couple of basic updates recently, so they're all being lumped together as 2.04. A new poem has been added to the Writing section, a new link can be found to my Twitter page on the homepage of the site, and a bunch of typos have been found and fixed. Lots of new content in the blog (and still waiting on comments... come on people...). That's about it for this update, enjoy!

05-24-09. Version 2.03
Removed the backround image to try and make the site look a bit cleaner. New links to my YouTube channel and Netflix profile on the homepage. Other than that there isn't much new, sorry.

01-14-09. Version 2.02
Added six new poems to the "Writing" section. A quick and simple update. Enjoy!

01-08-09. Version 2.01
Added a few things in this version. The most notable change is the addition of the archives. Simply click on a version number and you can view the site as it was during that version! A link back to the newest version of Twilight Reverie has been added to all the old versions, so you can simply click the link and be back here! The link is located on the main page of each version and is highlighted by a pink background.
Other changes include a change to the site's appearance. The blog has also been modified, and new content has been added there since the last update. No new stories/poems/artwork yet, but hopefully I will have some ready by the next update.

12-16-08. Version 2.00
Completely revamped the site, making it simpler and easier to navigate. Hopefully this will fix problems with viewing through different browsers and on different sized monitors. Blog and guestbook have been reset due to corrupted files.


11-04-08. Version 1.05
Added in an ads bar on the homepage of the site. Please note that any earnings from ads will go towards the upkeep costs of the website. Added new links to About->Interests. Cleaned up a few parts of the site to try and make navigation easier.

10-22-08. Version 1.04
Fixed a few typos in the "About" section. The Guestbook has been merged with the Blog and the Guestbook link has been redirected accordingly.

10-03-08. Version 1.03
Fixed a mistake in "Undeniable Heart" (missing paragraph) and added a few poems. Also simplified the URL extensions for each page.

09-28-08. Version 1.02
Added more poems to the "Writing" section.

09-27-08. Version 1.01
Added two completely new sections: Blog and Guestbook. Also updated the Interests section in "About the Reverie" with some new links.

09-26-08. Version 1.00
This version includes the basic layout of the site as well as most of the information. As this is the first version, please bear with me, and if there are any problems (dead links, glaring typos, or incorrect information) please let me know.