Freelance Information

Michael is a freelance writer, open to working on just about any project to help you and your company achieve the goals you've set. He enjoy topics of any kind, and is willing to work with you in any way you need, including (but not limited to):

Other services:

Michael's rates are negotioable and are based on the project. As with most freelancers, he generally charges a flat rate per project rather than an hourly rate (with the exception of training and tutoring). The desire is to help you achieve your long-term goals, and if everyone is watching the clock, no one is putting everything they can into the project.

Michael prefers to get to know his clients and their goals before offering a final bid, so if you are interested in working with him on a project, send an email and he will be happy to discuss the project. Michael understands that your company's goals need to happen on a budget (especially in today's market), and he will work with you in any way that he can to stay within your budget.

For any additional information, you can email Michael at Thank you for visiting the site and considering MSLewisWrites for your writing needs!