How Do You Know...?

So how do you know itís love?
When her light brown eyes renew
	Your love for a pitiful life,
When her smile is just so perfect
	That it lightens up your world,
When her long brown hairís so incredible
	That it takes all your troubles go away,
When her heavenly voice calls out
	And stirs your resting heart,
When her kiss is so intoxicating
	That it drives you completely mad,
When you canít explain or understand
	Just why sheís so amazing,
When the only time youíre truly happy
	Is when sheís by your side,
		Thatís how you know itís love.
So when you ask me if Iíve ever known
	The bliss that comes from love,
I can look at you and know inside
	That yes, for you, I haveÖ